March 21, 2006
A 4-year-old Seabrook, N.H., boy was undergoing painful rabies treatments Tuesday morning.  He and his friend were attacked by a fox, and witnesses said the incident could have turned out a lot worse if it were not for an unlikely hero: the family dog.

Joshua and his 4-year-old companion, Addilyn, were playing in a back yard on Saturday when a rabid fox bit Joshua. It also bit Addilyn, but didn’t break her skin.

“Mom said, ‘Come inside! Come inside!’ and then the fox got my pant leg,” Addilyn said.

“I got bit by a fox,” Joshua said.

Their mothers were watching the children play when the fox came out of the woods.

“Well, I saw Joshua on the ground, right there, and the fox ran up the hill,” Joshua’s mother Karen Basti said.

By the time she reached him, the fox had bitten him on the leg. The mother’s scooped up the kids and ran for the house.

Addilyn was lucky. The family dog, Cinnamon, a Sheltie, distracted the fox so that everyone could get to safety.

The fox tested positive for rabies, but authorities said Joshua should be fine after a series of shots. Cinnamon, the dog, also received a rabies booster shot as a precaution.

The fox was found and put down.
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Its funny that they call Cinnamon, “an unlikely hero.” But what else would you expect of the famliy dog, much less a Sheltie?   Way to go Cinnamon!

3 Responses to “Rabid Fox Attacks Kids; Sheltie Saves Day”

  1. Kelly

    Awesome!… a real Sheltie Nation celebrity. ;)
    Cinnamon is a real hero…you are truely lucky to have her in your life. Aren’t Shelties the best? I know I’d never want another breed…hence the website! :)
    Welcome to Sheltie Nation Cinnamon & Shelly!

  2. Shelly Carter

    That’s our family dog! She was also featured in the Kids National Geographic March 2007 Issue on feature of Cats vs Dogs
    Her 6th birthday is March 3rd. Cinnamon IS THE BEST!!!


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