I’m sure some of you are wondering where I developed my love of Shelties…It’s thanks to my first dog, Buddy.  He was an absolute saint; having put up with all my silly adventures.KellybuddyCirca 1975 – Wasn’t I cute & oh so fashionable?  :)

2 Responses to “My first Sheltie”

  1. Kelly

    Hi Ellen!
    Your little ones are so cute…love the big doe eyes on Bea. You must forward the costume & Christmas photos to share this coming year! :)

  2. Ellen Leigh

    Gee you were a cute little girl! Nice looking sheltie too. I had a collie in 1975, but I was already in college at that time. My first dog was a sheltie, and after two collies, I went back to shelties, and now have two of them- if you click on my name, you can go to their blog and see them.


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