DuncanSheltie Nation member Tatha has been chronicling her journey in attempting to win the heart of a rescue Sheltie in her new blog.  Called “Winning Duncan Over”, here you will see a very personal view of the ups, downs & triumphs of rescuing a Sheltie.  Its a very heartwarming read & can provide some insight for those of you considering bringing a rescue into your life.

Check out Duncan’s progress here:  http://duncansheltie.blogspot.com/

4 Responses to “Sheltie Rescue Blog”

  1. sue roberts

    I too have a rescue sheltie, she’s a 2yr.old tri-color named Chloe.I also have a male sable,4yrs old(not a rescue) named Rascal. I’ve had Chloe since June 2006. She was with child and delivered 4 beautiful puppies. She and Rascal get along soooo good!! They play all day and have a great time.
    Cloe would have been shot if I had not rscued her, she was doing what shelties do,HERDING!!! horses.The male owner wasn’t happy about that so I took her rather than have her killed for being herself.
    I look forward to getting my Sheltie nation e-zine. Keep ’em coming
    Hope Duncan continues to improve, he is a pretty puppy

  2. Nancy Edmonds

    I have 3 senior Shelties, 2 of whom are rescues, a CArdigan Welsh Corgi, and a 4-month old Sheltie puppy. Sounds like you live in north part of Kansas City! I live in Parkville and am always at English Landing. We should hook up at Eng Landing and walk Duncan and 4-month old Frosty together!

  3. Ellen Leigh

    Awww! he’s adorable, and I love the blog!
    I’m working on a deal to sell sheltie related merchandise, including my handpainted pins, and donate a portion (15% of the selling price) to Michigan Sheltie Rescue. You can read about it at my dog’s blog: http://beabyrdie.blogspot.com/ if you are interested. Links are there to all my stores, although there is no pressure to bid or buy, I just thought, since this is a Sheltie board, you’d like to know.
    Ellen Leigh

  4. Jackie Stone

    Kukos to all those who find a sheltie at rescue. My loving Rylie came to us five years ago after 2 prior “owners” did not want him. He is as good a dog as he can be! He is his own lovable self, just as we all are. For those interested check out http://www.assa.org for shetie rescue organizations near you.
    P.S. My first sheltie, my beloved Buddy, also came from rescue. More love and rewards than you will ever know.


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