…or we would all be in a lot of trouble.  :)Shane and Blair are ready to help out.Turbo tax operators are standing by to help you with your questions.

Thx Sharon!

2 Responses to “Good thing there is no “Sheltie Tax””

  1. Tim K

    I wanted a picture of my girls acting like they were working at my computers for a video I made of them. All I could do is get them to sit in the chair and byt putting a treat on the keyboards, have them look at the computer. You have me beat by a mile.

  2. Linda

    oh my gosh … HOW did you get your kids to pose so beautifully with all that STUFF ???? Those are prize-winning photos !!!
    *** aren’t your shelties considered a deduction like any other accountant? afterall, they ARE helping you with those taxes & are probably better than the TurboTax cust. svs rep I dealt with this weekend when new forms wouldn’t upload.


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