Vicki shared this beautiful photo & her feelings about her assistance dog, Killian.

“He understands so much about me, and is always there for me with his unconditional love.  He jumps up to where ever I am and lays his head in my lap till he feels that I am going to be OK.”

KillianWe have all seen it, that look of “nobility” or “purpose” that
Shelties often show.  Well, here is proof – Killian knows he is special!

Thank you, Vicki!

One Response to “Shelties: No ordinary dogs”

  1. sue

    “King Kelly”…he would go well with my “Queen Lady”…It is something about the Sheltie expression that tugs at your heartstrings…they are so intelligent and it drips thru the eyes…and so protective…so much love and devotion you just know that God loves ’em!and do we!!!


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