Doesn’t little Taylor (with Riley the Sheltie) remind you of one of those Victorian antique prints?Taylor_riley Barber_charles_burton_a_little_girl_and_
Thanks Peggy!  You get an “awwwwe” award!

4 Responses to “Step back in Sheltie time…”

  1. Tatha

    Oh Peggy, I’m so sorry to hear about Riley. I lost my Charlotte on January 2nd this year. I still miss him so! (Yes I said him-Charlotte.) I hope you have another fur kid to comfort you! My Duncan sends a nuzzle your way!

  2. Ellen Leigh

    Aw,Peggy, I’m so sorry to hear that! It’s never easy to lose a beloved pet, and Riley sure looked like a sweetie. I know right now you are in a lot of pain- but it gets a bit easier as time goes on. You never forget them, always love them, and someday you will remember Riley and just smile instead of cry.
    If you click on my name, you can read about my Bonnie who passed 2 years ago, and what I wrote about her this week, she would have been 14 yesterday. (((HUGS)))
    Ellen Leigh


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