Sheltie Nation has been nominated for the Blogger’s Choice Awards.  So far, only 13 of you have stepped up to show your Sheltie pride!

Come on everyone….this is your chance to show the rest of the internet world just how wonderful Shelties are!

Remember, this is your blog…it is what it is because of you & all your wonderful dogs.

We may not win, but let’s at least put on a good show.  Vote today!

My site was nominated for Best Animal Blogger!

4 Responses to “Get out the Sheltie Vote!”

  1. Kelly

    Hi Tracy,
    The link should take you directly to the Blogger’s Choice website to vote. You can’t vote directly from Sheltie Nation.

  2. Tracy

    Is there a trick to voting? I have tried and this link goes to something else. Maybe that is why only some show up.

  3. sue roberts

    I have 2 shelties, Rascal(male,4yrs.) and Chloe(2yrs old female) and their a HOOT. You can tell them to “go play” and they’re wrestling before they get off your lap.
    I had a mini poodle for 13 yrs and I loved her dearly, but she wasn’t a Sheltie!! There isn’t another breed to compare with the fun and surprises you get with Shelties. I’m a Sheltie Nut now.


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