So Sheltie Nation, do your summer cookouts look something like this?

Hope your guests like Shelties! Hotdog1
Joe and the pups: Tobie, Ryker, Autumn, Joey, Sly, Sundae, Huggie & Bonnie.

Thanks to Lisa for this great shot!

6 Responses to “8 sets of eyes…”

  1. Shannon

    Man, that looks like heaven to me. Can I come next time. I would donate hotdogs to the cause!

  2. Lisa (Photo submitter)

    FYI: These dogs are not related. It was a fun BBQ with a group of Sheltie owners. Don’t worry every pup got some hot dog.

  3. stphnvnsn

    They are beautiful. You sure have their attention.
    They must like hot dogs.

  4. Fairfax

    Hope you have more than one hot dog.
    Curious: These are nice looking shelties–do you breed them (on purpose)? Am looking for a new one.

  5. Liza

    I’m guessing, but did someone have puppies and mom and dad could not part with the grandchildren?


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