Remember Sugar, the Sheltie we featured on August 11th?  She has been adopted!

We got a wonderful note from Lisa Scalf of East Kentucky Rescue telling us that a nice family saw her on Sheltie Nation & went to adopt her.  We love happy endings!

Sugar2Sugar looks a lot happier in this photo & we are confident she will thrive in her new home.  How do we know?  She already has her own blog!…check it out, it’s called Sugar’s New Forever Home.

Lisa, thanks for all you do for needy Shelties!

8 Responses to “Adoption Success: Sugar”

  1. Susan

    What a great rescue story and I have had fun reading Sugars blog- brought tears to my eyes. Make’s you wonder what do they really think. Welcome Home Sugar

  2. Tracy

    I absolutely love this story. You are so lucky to have Sugar and she is very lucky also. I’ll tell you this it brought tears to my eyes, “happy tears”. I loved to look at Sugar’s trip to her new forever home. The Web site is so cool.

  3. Tonya

    Look at all those happy, smiling faces! It’s nice to see a happy ending/beginning!

  4. Jeanne

    That is great news and will keep Sugar’s blog as a favorite..
    Congratulations Sugar and new family.


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