This is our second installment in our new category called “Adopt a Sheltie” & will be featuring Shelties that are available for adoption from various rescue groups.

Maine – Kennebec Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club Rescue

BustertoysBuster is a young Sheltie who was purchased from a pet store by his family. They then realized that they were unable to handle an energetic, unsocialized young Sheltie & turned him over to rescue.

Since Buster was not socialized as a young pup, he is afraid of strangers and new experiences.  He will need to go to an understanding home, preferably one that is Sheltie or herding dog experienced.

His forever home will need to take him to a positive obedience trainer and use desensitization and counter conditioning techniques to help him get past his fears – obedience training alone will not work.  (This rescue will be able to help his forever home with this.)

Since he is so active, he will need a fenced in yard (no exceptions) and he will not be able to be placed with young children.  He does very well with other dogs, especially Shelties, and cats.

Please contact Holly Fent or Cathy Small if you would like to find out more about Buster.

Holly, Thanks for doing what you do to help needy Shelties. :)

UPDATE: Buster has been adopted!

2 Responses to “Ever considered adopting a Sheltie?”

  1. Kelly

    Just click on the name of the rescue in the post to be taken to their website, or click on Holly or Cathy’s name to send them an email. Thanks for considering adopting a needy Sheltie! :)

  2. racine

    i really like what you are doing for these dogs i know how loveliy they are because i have one and i dont know how people could give them up.
    i would like to know where you shelter is,which country and stuff becuse i would like to adopt one of your shelties.


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