Sheltie Nation member Jorge reports:  Luna gets a bath every couple of weeks after coming from the dog park.  She’s so tired after a weekend of playing that we have to wrap her in her blanket and lay her on a pillow so that she can stay warm while she’s drying off and napping.

Looks like Luna has a rough life! ;)

7 Responses to “Sheltie Wrap”

  1. Leslie

    Luna is quite a gal, and does run and jump at the park. Now if we could only get her and Keegan to both swim, and not wade in the pond!

  2. Jorge

    A lot of folks think she looks sad in that picture but in fact she’s so exhausted from running around with her 4 or 5 boyfriends at the dog park down the road. Normally she’ll have us wrap her in her blanket or she’ll dive under the covers with her human mom on the bed and dry off. She’s a handful sometimes!


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