Today is a good day for reflection on the events that forever changed our lives on 9/11/01.  Much like those who were around when President Kennedy was assassinated, we all remember where we were & what we were doing on that fateful day.

I was visiting my parents in Mendham, NJ – which is about 25 miles from ground zero.  (In some of the higher places in town you could actually see the towers.)  That morning I was happily planning my wedding.  I was working on inserts to our invitations when the neighbor called to tell us to turn on the TV.  After watching the towers fall, & in the ensuing days, it was a very strange feeling.  Since my parents house is under the flight path for Newark airport, you could always look up high into the sky & see that never ending line of planes going over.  Now the sky was quiet…except for the roar of fighter jet engines as they circled Manhattan.

I really wished I could have helped during that time, but I had not brought Trevor’s therapy dog credentials with me on my trip from NH to NJ.  I never suspected that I would have needed them.  So we sat & watched with millions of others, the brave rescue dogs who, selflessly went into harms way.

Today Sheltie Nation salutes the amazing canines who gave their hearts & souls to soothe a wounded nation.  I’d like to think they knew what a difference they made.


Photo: Sep 15, 2001, US Navy /Preston Keres


Photo: Sep 14, 2001,  Reuters / Win McNamee


Photo: Sep 23, 2001, Andrea Booher / FEMA


Photo: Sep 18, 2001, Reuters


Photo: Sep 21, 2001, AP / Alan Diaz


Photo: Sep 15, 2001, AP / U.S. Navy, P. Keres   

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