Nj_rescueNJ Sheltie Rescue has taken in 11 Shelties for fostering that were rescued from a puppy mill in PA.  The age range is 3-8 years, most are females.  They were brought in September 26th and went through vet exams, shots, blood work, spay/neutering, dental, etc.

They all seem to have very sweet temperaments but are shy/unsocialized, frightened and in need of TLC. (Pictured here is Cinnamon who is one of the girls who is up for adoption.)

For information and pictures, please go to:

NJ Sheltie Foster Moms

Update 3/6/08: Several of these wonderful Shelties have been adopted, others are “ready”, but waiting for the right person to apply!

8 Responses to “NJ Sheltie Rescue has 11 Shelties”

  1. Rita

    I am inquiring for a friend because she does not have access computer, who had a sheltie that was adopted at 7yrs old, and lived with my friend Debbie for another 11yrs before she passed at 18yrs old. This sheltie was Debbie’s pride and joy. Debbie is looking to adopt another young sheltie so she can have the pet’s companionship for many years to come. Please assist us with any information you may have in the adoption process. Thank you, Rita

  2. Maggie Effinger

    I would love to see them and maybe adopt I am looking for a young female that is spayed.

  3. lynn titus

    my heart goes out to any mistreated dog let alone a sheltie . I have had 3 who previously passed- heartbreak-can I help?

  4. Bonnie Araujo

    My husband and I were in line to adopt a male pup from a litter 8 weeks old. Two of the puppies became Ill and died. One was my little beloved Casey (black and white). We are so heartbroken because a puppy up to about 10 weeks old is what I needed to introduce into our home. I have an elderly Mini-Pin who must get used to a dog that is a pup rather than an adult to help the process. He handles puppies well. I was so excited because years ago my boss brought his Sheltie to work and it was instant love between us. I’m heartbroken with an empty cage, bed, food, etc I’m from Lodi, New Jersey. Does anyone out there have a pup for me? I want to adopt and would be a wonderful mom and my husband a wonderful dad. Please think about us! It’s so sad. We even have matching sweaters for my Minin-Pin and the new pup for a Christmas card that we were going to take. Can you help me?

  5. Mariesa

    Where in PA are these dogs? They are sooo cute and my family and I might be inteested.

  6. Sharon Baumert-Kysely

    It is a great service to put these pictures up on our site – my heart goes out to the shelties needing homes. Cinnamon looks so much like my little Ally and her face is so sad… is there a human angel out there to take her and the others in and show them what true love is?


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