Shelties are always keen on a game of fetch.ArdenNice to know we are neighbors, Andi!  :)

6 Responses to “Thow it again mom!”

  1. Nicole

    My little girl does not understand how fetch works – she thinks it’s a turn taking game. First she fetches than I fetch. Also – for some reason she doesn’t think the outside is where we play with toys or twigs – outside we run in circles and tug on twigs until they break … you gotta love them!!

  2. Liza

    My sheltie is a frisbee dog. When she was a tiny little puppy I noticed that she liked to throw this little toy into the air and catch it. So when she was big enough we started playing frisbee and we still do. He never brings the frisbees back to me, however.

  3. Tracy

    Yep, My Dasher loves the soft frisbee I throw him. He is getting pretty good at it too. “Love Our Shelties”.


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