Some dogs are better “watch dogs” than others.  As a whole, Shelties probably spend more time “watching” for their humans to return than other breeds.  Shelties really love their humans.  :)

Sheltie looking out window

Daisy takes her job very seriously Kevin!

2 Responses to “What does your Sheltie do when you’re not home?”

  1. Karen Largent

    Our Sheltie barks at every sound she hears outside. Sometimes it’s all day long and my hubby loses his patience and I must confess I do too once in a while.

    But she’s doing her job, she’s protecting us. Keep trying to tell hubby that’s what Sheltie’s do.

    If she starts to really bark, I open the front door and let her out on the porch and once she sees who is out there, like the mailman, she starts wagging her tail and is fine.

    She never attacks anyone, she just wants to check them out to make sure they are OK in her book.

    Do all Shelties bark and wag at the same time??

  2. Liza

    My sheltie is a guard dog, but not all day. She works it like a job with regular hours, generally in the early afternoon. While on duty, she informs me of every movement that occurs in front of the house. Then she’s done.


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