DogportraitJean sent us this great photo of Dogs”.  We had to ask how in the world she managed to take this photo & responded with this great story:

“Last summer, when the Lassie movie with Peter O’Toole came out, I was invited to a special screening of the film in Chicago. They promised a visit by Lassie, and of course I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to see her (well, him).”
“After the film, Lassie left her white limousine and came trotting to the
stage for photos and a few tricks. We were able to come up and meet her, and as I was waiting in line, I showed one of Lassie’s trainers a copy of this photo.

The trainer, mind you Lassie’s trainer, asked me the same question. He asked how in the world I made my Shelties pose that way, and that it would be impossible to get Lassie to do something like that.”
“So I have to draw the only conclusion possible: my dogs are MUCH better than Lassie.”


9 Responses to “Better than Lassie…”

  1. Kelly

    Hi Erin,
    The point of this website is just to have a little fun & rally around the breed. Of course, every one here at Sheltie Nation never means any disrespect to any other breed.
    Postings are always done in the spirit of “tongue-in-cheek”.

  2. Erin Riley

    You know, it demeans the Sheltie breed to compare it to another breed – any other breed – and say “Well, Shelties are better than THAT breed!” Collies and Shelties are both wonderful breeds. I have had both all of my life and would not be without either. Both have lived into their late teens, both are highly intelligent, unendingly loyal, beautiful, gentle, and possessed of excellent temperaments. As to the “Lassie Trainer” who said he could not get Lassie to pose like that, please remember that Classic Media no longer works with the Weatherwax Lassie Dogs, who for sixty years and nine generations were the ONLY Collies to portray Lassie. Bob Weatherwax would have NEVER made such a stupid comment! Neither would any other qualified trainer of decently bred Collies. The “corporate trainer” could have been, literally, ANYBODY – Probably some PR guy with an attitude – and the dog – who knows where he came from or “who” trained him. The REAL Lassie, Bob Weatherwax’s Lassie, has often posed with other dogs, and other animals of all sorts. Collies and Shelties are typically very loving toward both people and other pets. Sheltie owners don’t need to bash Lassie or Collies or anyone else to show they have a great breed. It saddens me to see such verbage posted here.

  3. Andi

    Its funny. I grew up with a collie and (at the time) had no interested in the “little dogs” (shelties) my mom had decided to get. You know they grew on me. I loved my collie but these shelties are the same size on the insides as my collie was on the outside. Now I know too, my collie was unusual for her breed; smart, quiet, and mellow. I think she was a sheltie in another life.

  4. Jeanne

    LOL about Lassie being richer. BUT–how did you get that picture??
    What a great shot.

  5. T

    Shelties also tend to live longer than Collies and have fewer health issues. Growing up I used to watch re-runs of the Lassie TV show and wanted a Collie very badly. My father told me Shelties were better to have all around and he was right when he got me an adorable Sable-Tri male named Shamrock. He lived 14 years and was in good health/spirits most of that time. Once you go Sheltie, you can’t envision ever having any other kind of dog.

  6. Jackie Stone

    All we need is a good sheltie movie and Lassie will be left in the dust.
    Our smaller folks ar smarter, cuter, faster, more agile, more colorful and better alarm clocks.

  7. Sharon

    Yes your dogs are much better than Lassie and goregeous also but Lassie is richer than all of us!!!


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