Trashmouth2“This is sweet Miss Courtney, a 10 year old trash-mouth.  The minute you discard something – anything – she’ll try to eat it.  Here I had just finished my coffee and set my cup on the floor.  She immediately came to see if I had left even the tiniest drop of anything she could taste!  Her favorite place to hang-out?  Beside the kitchen trash can, in case I should throw something “good” away by accident.”

LOL…Leslie, good luck keeping that one out of mischief!  :)

2 Responses to “Sometimes they are just like a toddler…”

  1. Spak

    My Ginger is also a fair bit of a glutton, and a BIG mooch. But she’s never stuck her head in a cup…
    Well, not yet.

  2. Linda

    This is so cute! BUT please be careful because my little sheltie girl got pancreatitis because of her tasting food and drinks not healthy for shelties…and it’s not worth “looking cute” for them to contract this… believe me…we almost lost her. so be careful and keep her away from all these unhealthy snackies.


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