Meg1Meg is a tiny nine-pound Sheltie who was surrendered to Ann Acuff of Middle Tennessee Sheltie Rescue four years ago. While Ann was trying to brush Meg’s matted hair, she found that little Meg had 2nd & 3rd degree burns on her back. She also had social problems since she was raised in a puppy mill.

(Meg does have a page on the rescue website with her story on it, although be warned that it is not for the squeamish.)

She spent many weeks at the Vet to heal her physical wounds, but the emotional healing is an ongoing process. Meg is now settled in a loving home with the cush life she deserves.


Many, many Sheltie hugs to you Debbie for opening up your home to this little girl!

6 Responses to “Little Meg’s story”

  1. christine rose elle

    I have never seen such a tiny little Sheltie! What a beauty!
    I haven’t read her story yet, but I feel like I can relate as my precious Sheltie was from a hideous situation too!
    Thank you for remembering that there are just as many sweet Shelties available thru rescue that need loving homes!

  2. Sherry Lowe

    I will never understand or accept cruelty to an animal. How fortunate this precious baby is in such a loving home.

  3. Angie

    It warms my heart to know there are people out there willing to give their time and love to poor dogs like this one. God bless you for taking care of little Meg!

  4. Dorothy Dallessandro

    Thank god that beautiful little girl was rescued. it is so terrible that she was treated that way.she is so cute, I lost my beautiful mollie and I miss he so.we are hopeing to get our new little girl from a great breeder this any one can mistreat the most beautiful dog in the world. I can not understand.

  5. sylvia

    Thank God for being Meg’s angel.
    You will be repaid a thousand times over for your goodness and kindness


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