Joey was found in a dumpster in Springfield, MO with a recently amputated front leg.  A good Samaritan heard him crying in his apartment building dumpster and rescued him.  He was taken to the Springfield shelter. The little guy was only 5 months old and just seconds away from being euthanized at the shelter because he wasn’t a “whole dog”.  Thank goodness one of the workers contacted Second Chance Sheltie Rescue and they were able to save him.

He was scared to death of everything and had a lot of fear issues, but rescue helped him work through them. He is now living in a great home in WI, has 5 Sheltie siblings and a herd of miniature sheep just for him!

Joey has now even inspired his forever parents to volunteer with Sheltie Rescue in their state!

Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story & fun costume with Sheltie Nation Janice (& Joey’s parents!)

11 Responses to “Turning a negative into a positive…”

  1. mojodaisy

    this is the best dog costume ever!!
    god bless everybody that helped joey make it to such a happy life!

  2. MyGoodFinds

    Thank you for sharing such an inspiring story of Joey. I am very happy for Joey for being given a second chance by people who have worked together to rescue him.
    Cute costume! He has a herd of sheep too? Lucky guy!

  3. greggb57

    I know this little guy well! I was the one that pulled him (and the other four of the Springfield Five) out of the pound where they were all bound for certain death.
    If not for the mercy of an unknown Samaritan, Joey would have had a horrible death during the next trash run. That Samaritan is the true hero of this story.
    I called Second Chance, met Tracy Buck and Janice Mitchell over the phone, and thereby set the stage not only for the rescue of the Springfield Five, but for my wife and myself to become Sheltie Rescuers.
    Today, we have four Shelties (three are rescues we adopted for ourselves) and are members of a Sheltie Rescue over 1,000 miles from where it all started. Little Joey started quite a chain of events, didn’t he?

  4. toonygurl

    Oh what inspiration you have given us all. Thanx for sharing this story!
    I send a thousand and one pain filled days to that person(s) who did this to Joey. You best believe they are bringing hurt to everything they come in contact with, so… here it is comin right back at em

  5. Ann

    What a wonderful, yet heartbreaking story. You can see in Joey’s eyes that he knows how much he is loved now. And how lucky are his forever parents to share his life! Thank heaven for Sheltie Rescue. Thanks for your great work, and for sharing this.

  6. tim K

    It saddens me to hear about people who treat a dog as nothing more than trash or unwanted goods and then dispose of them in the most convenient way. I also help out with Sheltie rescue although I wish I could do more. I’m glad to hear Joey found a great forever home.

  7. Sherry Lowe

    Although this story has a happy ending, it sickens me to think how cruel a human being can be to a dog. Your little Joey is beautiful and I’m so happy he gets to live with other little Shelties.

  8. Chris

    Reading this story brings hope. For every scumbag out there, I think there are 50 loving people who’ll help a needy dog. Good on you!


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