Shadow knows that cats have the right idea.  “I can see everything from up here!”Must be more than 2 since my little Toby does this too!

4 Responses to “Why do Shelties think they are cats?”

  1. Spak

    Ginger used to do this, her creaky old joints don’t allow for much perching anymore.
    She used to lie on the back of the couch at the cottage so she could look out the window…
    …and bark at everything that passed.

  2. Bob

    Shadow loves to sit up high where he can survey his kingdom.
    He sits on the back of my overstuffed chair, he sits on the couch in the motor home (this picture) and when he jumps up on the bed, he heads for the pillows.
    When I sit in a camp chair, he likes to sit on my shoulders.


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