“Rose turned 14 on June 7th.  She’s stone-deaf, but thanks to obedience and agility training knows to look for our hand signals– except when she doesn’t feel like doing what we want!  Here she’s out on the patio, smiling; and doing the ‘trick’ I recently taught her to get her Greenie … she has to take it from me when I’m holding it in my teeth.  She’s a plump girl, so she has to work for her treats!

Rosie’s been my guardian and friend since I was a girl.”

Very, very sweet, Katie!

3 Responses to “Friends for 14 years!”

  1. Cynthia

    Awww how cute! I’m teaching Tatum to take treats out of my mouth.. so she won’t stare at my hands so much!
    I love shelties, they are my second favorite breed, after Collies of course!


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