kamalOK Sheltie Nation…rally round!  There is a super sweet Sheltie in need of a forever home.  Kamal (pronounced Ka-Maal…which evidently means ‘Perfection’.) is a 6 yr. old, tri-color Sheltie.  He stands about 18″ at the shoulder & weighs about 40 pounds.

Kamal is good with children, other pets, is up-to-date on shots & dental work.  Although sadly, an extensive vet exam has shown that Kamal didn’t receive very good care for the majority of his life.  He is sway-backed from poor nutrition when he was a puppy & also has hip dysplasia.  (If he’d received proper home care & medical treatment all along, he’d be in better shape now, but NJ Rescue is going to do all they can to make up for the previous owner’s neglect!)

An allergy panel was also performed, which was negative for foods, but positive for two types of dust mites, a specific grass & weed.  He might need seasonal antihistamines for the grass/weed sensitivity. The dust mites situation will mean extra vacuuming and perhaps a HEPA air cleaner. (Trevor has worse allergies than this…it can be managed.  Besides, a HEPA filter is beneficial for everyone…human & canine!)

As far as the hip dysplasia goes, he gets around without problems.  And when he’s excited (aka, dinner time) or being extra silly, he jumps so high that all 4 feet are off the ground !!!  So for now, he’s not having problems arthritis.

But what makes Kamal really stand out is his potential to be a therapy dog.  Kamal thrives on people, being petted and fussed over.  As much as he wants to meet everyone, he isn’t the type of dog that gets hyper, jumps up or pushes himself on you.  He has an uncanny sense of who to approach (slowly, with tail gently wagging) or who to ignore/avoid.  He shows curiosity/interest when meeting dogs and cats… as well as the occasional nocturnal toad during walks with his foster mom, but doesn’t growl/bark or try to pounce on anything.  He has started coming to work with his foster mom, which he thoroughly enjoys.  Best part about Kamal?  I hear he gives the best kisses!

Kamal has a heart of gold and deserves a home where someone will give him the love and attention he obviously didn’t have before.  Please won’t you give this wonderful, laidback, outgoing boy a chance?   He’ll return your love ten-thousandfold.

Please contact Linda Greiner of NJ Sheltie Rescue if you are interested in learning more about adopting Kamal or even to make a donation towards his care & rehabilitation.

UPDATE: Kamal was adopted end of August by a wonderful couple and is now called Casey.  Not only have they had shelties for years ~ but they live within walking distance of his foster mom!   He has made a hit with the neighbors in his section of the development because he wants to meet EVERYONE.   Casey runs into his old pals Sashi & Buddy while out on walks and has an open invitation to visit for play dates & overnight stays if his “parents” are going to be away.

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