Keegan355x231Keegan has been in the Rescue program since last October.  He generates a lot of interest at adoption events because he’s a very handsome & sweet boy.  However people become apprehensive when they learn he’s deaf.  Maybe Sheltie Nation members can help him find his forever home?

Keegan is a 2 year old blue merle Sheltie that is a bit over sized (30 lbs.) but he is neutered, microchipped, doggy-door trained & up to date on shots.  He also walks well on a leash.

He was turned in by his owner for destructive behavior and they did not have the time to work with him.  Keegan was born deaf, but he is very outgoing and attentive.  He is currently learning hand signals and doing very well!  He is very people oriented & wants to be where ever his foster family is.  He does well with most dogs but, are unsure of cats at this point.

Keegan will probably do best in a home that has another canine to help alert him since he cannot hear and would do well with older children.  Due to Keegan’s deafness he might require a little more attention than the average dog, but the love you receive in return will be well worth it!

If you’d like more information on adopting Keegan please contact Arizona Sheltie Rescue. Out of state adoptions will be considered.

UPDATE 12/18/2010:  Keegan’s foster parents have now decided to adopt him!  :)

15 Responses to “Keegan: Mid Arizona Sheltie Rescue”

  1. Robertjm

    Was thinking about Keegen just the other day so decided to look him up. So glad that his Foster parents decided to become his Forever Home!!

  2. Becca

    Shelties are very smart dogs I have a two year old sheltie who won’t stop barking it drives me crazy!!!

  3. Cathy/in arizona

    Yes I got to the right AZ rescue group. Keegan has a new home as of September. We had a home visit and were approved. We are getting Sheldon who was found in the desert. He is very shy of strangers and at first his foster told me even afraid of food. His foster Dad is bringing him to me on July 20th. We are all naturally,very excited. I will keep all informed as to his progress in his forever home.

  4. Ramona at AZ Sheltie Rescue

    Cathy – did you use the contact emails at the top of the home page at Just wanted to make sure you got to the right sheltie rescue in AZ, there are now 2 so it can be confusing. Thanks

  5. Cathy/in arizona

    I have just e-mailed Mid Arizona Sheltie Rescue in re: to adopting Keegan. I just lost my adopted lover boy,Bear, on Memorial Day. I had him for 7 years and in his last years he had lost his hearing. I already had a cutie, Maggie, who khew hand signals and Bear was so easy to teach and what a blessing that Bear knew hand signals. Hopefully I can give Keegan a forever home. We have relatives visiting until mid July and asked if that would work out as I know it would be less stressful for Keegan and we could do our bonding. Maggie misses her buddy and has been moping but is getting back to her old self.

  6. Amber

    He is soo cute! I hope he find home to, I have a blue merle shetie , i also have a large dog,,,, i hope the best for him

  7. Glade

    What a handsome boy! As the proud owner of a deaf (and mute and partially blind) Sheltie, I can say that with just a little effort and love, they make great, loving pets. Ours has learned all kinds of sign language!

  8. Kimberly

    What a cutie! My first sheltie was a deaf blue merle (though he was deaf from old age), and he was a gem!


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