“Thirteen year old Belle can’t walk as far as my two larger, slightly younger collies but always wants to come along on our treks on the local dikes.  One day, when she could walk no further, I put her in my backpack; and to my surprise she loved it!  She sat there quite happily, without a wiggle (other than to get her front paws out to gracefully rest over the edge of the pack) for the rest of the hike.“Even when we stopped for a rest, she chose to stay in the pack and was soon fast asleep!”

You can read all about Belle’s big day here.Too cute, Jean!

5 Responses to “Backpackin’ Belle”

  1. Linda

    How sweet. The things we owners will do to keep our fur kids happy. We just can’t resist those Sheltie eyes.

  2. Gregg

    That is so cute and very thoughtful of you! I’m sure she appreciates still being able to go with you.


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