3 Responses to “Nap time with the pillow “pack””

  1. SallyAnnistheSheltieILove.Mine!

    HOW CUTE!!!!!!!
    My puppy sleeps in the same bed with me. Shes a sheltie. She sometimes kicks me, but hey, she loves it, so I’m up for it.

  2. Rick

    Emma likes to have a pile of pillows on the sofa to climb up and lay on. So when we saw those at the Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show last January, we knew they were perfect. They came from a lady up in Gualala, California – check her web site at http://www.quilteddog.com.

  3. Gregg

    Did you make those pillows? They are beautiful. If not, where did you get them? We want some!!!


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