1 Perfect Summer Day
1 boogie board
1 handsome Sheltie life guard
1 patio umbrella for shade
1 pool with plenty of toys
NO WATER, pricelessBaxter & Jenna have it made, Elaina!

4 Responses to “Pool party even a Sheltie would love…”

  1. sallyannisthesheltieilovemine!

    awww i wish i tried this!!! my doggie or sheltie sally would love it!!! she loves little outfits and all that. we do photoshoots!

  2. Susan L

    My Caitie adores going in the lake or lying down in puddles when no lake is around. Last year her picture appeared on Sheltie Nation with she and her friend Bear both in a lake. However, she hasn’t had the cute life guard. She would like that too.

  3. sylvia

    and I thought my 4 shelties were spoiled – “he he”
    What a wonderful pair and not one of my shelties like to get wet especially in a pool, or at the seaside.

  4. Liza

    This is very cute, and I love the part about “no water.” Are there any shelties out there who like to swim?


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