“Here is a picture of Luke with my daughter, Deborah, taken in the Fall of last year in the training mode. Luke was almost a year old in that picture. Deborah’s been training him to “sit pretty” and he yawned really big as if to say……..ARE WE DONE YET?”  This one is too funny, Daidra!

2 Responses to “Are we done yet?”

  1. sue roberts

    I’ve been trying to get my rescue sheltie Chloe to learn to “sit pretty”. She will if you have a treat and set her up there, she stays for a second or two then she wants her treat.My male Rascal wants no part of sitting up. He will play dead when you say “bang” and dance and “speak” etc. but will not sit up.
    Luke is beautiful!! And your daughter is an angel!!!


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