We recently adopted Winston from a sheltie rescue group.  He is 15-17 years old.  We are his third home.  He is already spoiled rotten!

We carry him upstairs in the laundry basket because of his arthritis.  He is such a gentle soul.  I only wish we adopted him sooner!  I have no regrets adopting a senior.”WinstonHugs to you Julie for adopting Winston!

8 Responses to “Shelties really do get better with age!”

  1. pamela

    Love you julie! Not many would rescue one of Winston’s age. Thank goodness there are folks like you around who will do this and give their last years quality and most importantly…LOVE. May you have a wonderful life.
    Cheers….Pamela (Australia)

  2. GreggB

    Thank you SO much for adopting a senior Sheltie! Many people won’t consider a senior and they miss out on SO much!
    Director – Dogwood Sheltie Rescue

  3. Jackie Stone

    “You get what you need.” to quote the Rolling Stones. Winston needs your love and you get so much more in return.


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