“Everyday Lily keeps vigil at the door and waits for her Daddy to come
home from work and I always know when she sees him because she starts
bouncing and leaping off the ground. I think I finally captured her highest leap.”
BounceWow Wendy, she really can get some air!

7 Responses to “The Sheltie bounce”

  1. Susan

    My Mac does the same thing! It is so funny to see. I taught him a hand sign and he will jump up into my arms! Some shelties are Tiggerific!

  2. Stacey

    Our shelties actually just bark when daddy comes home but our golden and our mix start running circles around the room play fighting each other. And if my 8.5 month old human puppy is in his jumperoo, that picture is the equivalent of what he does when daddy gets home.

  3. Bob

    my Shadow could bounce over the yard fence if he tried. I know he never would since he never leaves my side. You ought to see him bounce up the wall when we are playing with the laser pointer.

  4. Lisa

    My Autumn gets just as excited when her Daddy comes home. Except she runs around the kitchen table and I swear she is wearing a rut into the wood floor!


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