Do you ever wonder why I’m so slow with email & why there is such a wait to get your photo posted?

I present the three most obvious reasons…
ThreetsCome on mom…we want to go out, play, eat, etc!

11 Responses to “The trials of Sheltie Nation”

  1. SHSD

    Look at their ruffs! I can only imagine how hard it is to keep their coats in order. I’ve seen so many pictures of them that I now know them by these names:
    Trevor: Mask( As he gets older, more white hairs appear on his face.
    Tyler:Midsize (He’s between Trevor and Toby in size)
    Toby: Float( His coat is so long that it makes him look like a carnival float)
    They are so sweet and huggable. Trevor’s blaze of white seems to say”Stroke and kiss me here”

  2. Ann

    Kelly, you brighten all our days with these pictures and your furkids are just gorgeous! Thanks so much for all your work and for bringing us such joy all year round!

  3. Elaine

    Thanks Chris !! We all appreciate what you do by running these sites. Job well done always!! Thanks and Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your loved ones and the Furkids of course!!

  4. GreggB

    Looks like our house! We have four (when we don’t have a foster dog). We’ve had up to six at once with fosters. I know a woman that has about 15 Shelties, mostly fosters…

  5. Terri

    No reason needed ;-)… We all appreciate what you do so very, very much! Your “kids” are precious! Are they closely related at all? I hope you can post pics of them more often. I really love seeing them!

  6. Cheryl S

    All of us with these loveable darlings understand completely. I ahve three myself.
    Thanks for all the precious time you devote to this wonderful breed. Your babies are beautiful!

  7. Wanda McDonald

    Adorable reasons! What sweet faces they have. We love all you do for Shelties and Sheltie lovers.

  8. Gwendy

    I love the way that three shelties, with such similar markings, can each have such different and individualized faces! And those faces are all so CUTE!

  9. Barbara Narong

    Best, and most beautiful, reasons ever!! You are great and we all appreciate all you do ~


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