I do Character Counts on Wednesdays at Centreville Middle School.  Maggie is my assistant.  I don’t know who has the most fun Maggie or the students.Character1

Character2Looks like fun, Maryanne!

4 Responses to “Assistant Teacher Sheltie”

  1. Wanda

    Awwwwww!! Too cute! I wish I could bring my Sheltie to my high school classes. She would have a blast and the kids would love her!

  2. Greta Salem

    Maggie is adorable! Is she a therapy dog?
    My sheltie Gracie is Delta Society certified and we go visiting at the assisted living facility. Gracie loves it.
    It looks like Maggie is a great teaching assistant. I love the pic of her licking the young man. Too cute.


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