7 Responses to “Doppleganger Draft Dodger”

  1. Melanie

    Thanks to Wallace & Rylie *mwah*
    And Terri, don’t let your Sheltie know, but it’s actually a Border Collie draft dodger I got from an Irish catalog. Here’s a link to a similar one: http://www.sheepgiftsandmore.com/Border-Collie-draft-dodger.html. I’ve been fooled more than once into thinking something was wrong with Chloe when I walk into the room. It looks just like her–only much looooonger. LOL!

  2. Terri

    What a beautiful bi-black baby! I’ve got one too. Where in the world did you find the black and white stuffed sheltie? I’ve got a sable, but would LOVE a black and white one to go with it.


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