LuckymeetsPuckWe recently pulled a little blue merle male Sheltie from a local shelter and he has needed a lot of work. One of Puck’s rear legs was damaged to such an extent that it needed to be amputated. At the same time, the poor guy had to be neutered and have 10 teeth pulled! He is doing very well now and is a happy little boy, with his tail always wagging.

The best news is that he’s well enough for adoption!

I had to share this cute picture. It’s of my three legged cat “Lucky” meeting Puck for the first time.

Holly, you & Maine Rescue do an amazing job!

If anyone is interested in adopting Puck…contact Maine rescue.

UPDATE:  Puck was adopted May 26th!  Way to go Puck!  :)


6 Responses to “Lucky meets Puck”

  1. Holly Fent

    Thank you for your interest in Puck. He was adopted on May 26th. He went to the best home I could have ever imagined! Holly

  2. tim15856

    Poor thing doesn’t look very old to have all those things happen to him. My first adoption, Beamer, had to have 13 teeth removed the month I got him. We only had him 18 months, then congestive heart failure took him from us.

  3. Holly

    The good news is Puck is doing really well. Unfortunately the “adoption” fell through. He’s still with us. Sheltie Rescue – Maine

  4. Robby

    Sooooo, how did this encounter work out, I wonder? Lucky looks he’s giving Puck the Evil Eye. =)
    Good luck to Puck and his new family!

  5. GreggB

    From one rescue to another, GREAT WORK!
    One of the first Shelties I pulled (that got me into rescue) was a litte guy not unlike Puck that was missing a front leg. He has a great new life in WI now, courtesy of us and Lisa Martin of WI Sheltie Rescue.


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