Top row, left to the right: Ranger, Rosie, Zander, Kiba, Daisy & Brandy.

Bottom row: Dante, Angel, Kodi & Blizzard.
SheltiesHolly cow Amy! That IS a lot of Shelties!

8 Responses to “Shelties are like potato chips…”

  1. Amy

    LOL the name Zander was really a joke! My nephew was telling us about his new brother Alexander David.When we asked him what his new brothers name was he said Alex. then when asked his middle name he said Zander.It was so cute. Thats when I decided my next puppy would be Zander Hawk.

  2. KC

    Hi Amy, your babies are *lovely*! I have a question for you, if you don’t mind:
    Where did you get the name Zander from? Thanks!

  3. Amy

    I just love Shelties! My husband loves them all to!He said if it makes me happy then thats all that matters.They are all just like my babies!We never have a dull day with the 10 of them around!

  4. Gloria

    I would add one more shelie to my clan if I could. However, my city puts a limit on the number of animals! In this day and age, with all the homeless pets, why not add one more. As long as you are a resonsible pet owner… save a life. This photo shows how well shelties tolerate each other. I wish I could have as many. Thanks for sharing… great photo!

  5. Jackie Stone

    Husband has placed a limit on two. I love them all (sheltie boys and husband) and the “panda”monium (as they are bi-black) that arises. But I have room in my heart for more furry boys. What justification did you use???

  6. Patti

    How in the world did you get them all to be still? My sheltie is too busy!! awesome picture!

  7. TaraLynn

    That will be my count one day…I guarantee! haha You really can’t just have one!! As soon as I graduate college…I’m getting another one!


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