DollyIsn't she a cutie?  Dolly is 11/12 years young spayed female Sheltie.   She and another dog were found tied to a bench in Northern NJ infested with fleas & had severly matted coats.  

When brought to the shelter, the workers said they had never seen a dog so severely matted.  Which is why she had to be shaved & her coat is still growing back. 

She is missing her right rear leg from old injury/amputation, so she can only do 1-2 steps to access a back yard or to go for a walk, but that doesn't stop her!  She is incredibly playful & was ecstatic when she discovered the toy box in her foster home !!!  (You can see in the photo that she now has a special toy just for her!)

According to her foster mom, she's sooooo sweet!  A total love muffin & has a cute way of nudging you when she wants attention.  She absolutely loves car rides.  When out on walks, she's such a cutie-pie, that everyone asks about her.  Amazingly given the circumstances she was found under, she's happy to stop & meet strangers.

Dolly has lots of love to give…please consider giving this special girl the chance for a new life!

UPDATE:  Dolly has been adopeted by her foster mom!

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  1. Aley

    Thank you for adopting this baby! What a sad story, with a happy ending. My sheltie is 11 and has cancer, she is such a love.


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