Like a good Sheltie, Kelly pitches in with the household chores.
DiswasherNow can she put away the dishes too Dianne?

3 Responses to “Sheltie rinse cycle”

  1. Lisa

    My Autumn is a great pre-rinse cycle too. She doesn’t understand why we leave so much good snacks still on the plaste! :-)

  2. Nina

    Add a Kitten to the mix, and you will have two hard workers as we do at home ..
    Bizkit our other Sheltie won’t join in, because the first time he tried, he went for the mustard spoon … and he has never tried again …

  3. Jackie Stone

    Little Kelly understands.
    When will humans learn? Licked clean silverware, from a dirty dishwasher but now on the floor, is meant to be helpful.
    (I wish we had photos of the puppy days when Wallace raided the fridge.)


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