I’ve always noticed both my Shelties love the sun. But Koji who seems to love the sun so much, he follows it.
Sun3 They are smart Cheryl!

3 Responses to “Sheltie Sundial”

  1. Billigflüge

    Smart Koji. Keeps the best place. Our rabbits don’t like the sun that much, they keep avoiding it. I’m more on the site of your dog. He does the smart thing. When I was little, I kept following the sun too, sometimes without intention. Started readingin one corner of the room in the sun and found myself on my back in the other corner a while later, still in the sun, when I finished the book.

  2. Cheryl

    Our oldest Sheltie,Princess loves the sun also and will follow it thru the house. Before she had her stroke a few weeks ago she would just lay outside in the sun for hours.

  3. Lisa

    My cat and your Koji must be related because she follows the sun across the room too.


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