8 Responses to “Bi-black camouflage”

  1. Linda

    OMG …. the cute-o-meter has gone on overload !!! What a prescious little puppy and what a perfect Kodak Moment !!!

  2. Sandra Sands

    How could you not love him? He is soooo gorgeous, reminds me of my bi-black when he was a puppy. Yes, he “knows it” that he is good looking, they know how to work it on us! And we love it too!

  3. Jackie Stone

    He is as handsome as one can get. And beneath the shy look, I think he knows it. All the best to you and your Reggie.

  4. Linda

    What a beautiful little boy. I have always wanted a bi-black and after seeing him I want one more than ever.


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