I volunteer on Saturday at Salt Lake County Animal Services an although about 1/4 of the dogs we get are purebred, we don’t see many Shelties. I guess they’re too smart to get lost.
Anyway, one Saturday I noticed this sad face in a kennel. I took her out into one of the runs. She didn’t want to do anything except lie on the grass. I took a few photos and petted her for quite awhile. She was so reserved and even depressed.
Lost2Later, a couple who was on the list to adopt came to visit with her. She interacted with the family quite well and, after the visit, I took her back to her kennel. In a few hours I came to take her out again.
What a difference! She moved around the run and flashed the trademark Sheltie smile. I’m sure it was because she was certain that she now would have a home. The couple paid the adoption fee of only $95, which included the spay and even a microchip; truly the deal of the century!

Thanks for volunteering to help needy dogs Ken!

9 Responses to “Deal of the century!”

  1. sylvia

    What a wonderful story thanks for being there for such a wonderful sheltie.
    I am convinced that shelties are the most beautiful animals in the world.
    Mom of 4 shelties.

  2. Jill Shotkoski

    I actually have re read this post quite a few times and have had teary eyes…what we forget is that dogs have emotions and feelings too and this girl just really proved that! As a Sheltie owner 3x over, this is the only breed I would ever own, and don’t understand on how someone wouldn’t want this cutie!

  3. sue

    Hard to believe anyone would give up such a cutie. Good story with a great ending. Thank you!

  4. Jen

    It is so nice to know that our shelties and all doggies have such caring volunteers who help them find loving homes – thank you

  5. Gregg

    I’ve seen those looks so many times in Sheltie Rescue. I love the happy grin when they know that they have a new, happy home!
    Thank you for taking good care of her, Ken!

  6. Suzanne

    I don’t usually reply to the photos as they are all just so darn cute anyway, but this one really touched me, especially the write up. I am so glad that she was able to find her fureverhome and my prayers are with her and her new family – that this little girl will always be happy and never have to feel unwanted again.


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