9 Responses to “Surefire cure for workday blues!”

  1. Linda

    beautiful little face & such eyes !!!
    I haven’t had a puppy since the early 70’s … these pictures are making me want to contact our local sheltie club for a new baby. don’t think my Sashi would be too pleased

  2. gg

    Do you have a link to learn how old Gemma is and if she’s ready for adoption? We need a young female for our 5 month old male. He has too much energy for our 8 year old male sheltie.

  3. kelela

    Oh my. I think I’ve gone to heaven. I love the Sheltie eyes and face. Love love love! Gemma is absolutely adorable!

  4. Peg Snyder

    They’re all such beautiful babies! This is why we fell in love with the breed in the first place!


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