5 Responses to “Yea, high five! I got adopted!”

  1. Amber

    Look like Chummy handing out high five …. Shetie are good dogs to teach! my dog know many tricks now we are trying to get him carry thing and get them…no luck with that yet!!!

  2. Stephanie

    We just rescued a 1yr old sheltie named Sammi from a family that was moving and couldnt take her.They were about to put her into a shelter,but we got ahold of her before they did. She is such a joy and loves her sheltie brother Chase. Hopefully Sheltienation will post the pics soon. Thank you for giving this beautiful animal a loving home. Enjoy him!! :-)

  3. DonZilla

    Beautiful! I had to buy a puppy since my local Sheltie rescue groups require a fenced yard (and I don’t have one) but I’m sure Chummy will give you many wonderful years of happiness and companionship!

  4. kelela

    Okay, that is just way too cute. And talk about a heartbreaker. Who couldn’t resist this little guy. Thanks for giving him a forever home. :)

  5. gloria

    Adopted shelties are so very appreciative of the care and love they now receive from their adoptive parents. I am sure you will have many loving years with Chummy! If my 2 rescue shelties have taught me anything it is their constant love and devotion it is even more than I could have ever expected. They are the light of my life!


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