My precious boy SAGE is about to welcome a much needed rain. Sage, now a Sheltie Angel loved the wind. When he was just a tyke of a pup, he loved to ride in my lap with his legs pressing on my legs and his tiny his head barely out of the window.  Forty five miles per hour was truly traveling to him as be barked at every thing in sight.
What a great expression Guy!

4 Responses to “I think it’s going rain!”

  1. Guy Valentine

    Thanks so much, everyone. When I opened up the Nation this morning and saw my boy Sage, I couldn’t stop the tears of joy… And, I get to share my baby with all of you. I was never blessed with human children, but I was blessed every minute of the day with Sage.

  2. Gwendy

    LOL My sheltie angel (Molly), loved the wind too! She always wanted to sit outside during blizzards with her fur flying!


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