RatouilleTavish is my parent’s Sheltie.  They are retired, and he has become their child.  When he does well in agility or obedience training, he is allowed to watch “his shows” on the guest room television.  He can watch the Disney Channel, the Cartoon Network, or Animal Planet, as long “Animal Cops” are not on.  My parents don’t want him seeing neglected and sick pets; they think it would be traumatizing.

Tavish’s favorite shows are: “It’s Me or the Dog” (Bad dogs learn obedience and become good dogs. It is believed Tavish likes that show because he can really follow the plot…..) “Pet Star”, and the “Eukenuba Dog Show.”  On DVD, he loves Baby Einstein (he has the whole collection), and all the Air Bud movies (again, he owns them all.).

We’ve always been dog nuts in our family, but this is the first Sheltie any of us have owned.  We have loved all of our family pets, but there is something about a Sheltie that is overwhelmingly endearing.

Tavish is 2 ½, loves agility class and tolerates obedience class.  He is a real light in my parents’ lives.


Parents are: John and Dianne

5 Responses to “Tale of Tavish”

  1. Jen

    thank you so much for sharing your story – I love dogs and agree that Shelties are extra special.

  2. Wanda

    Your Tavish is so adorable and has such an appropriate Scottish name!
    I love your idea of TV shows… My Sheltie (Selkie) will be alone at home for the first time and I’m trying to find ideas to keep her entertained.


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