9 Responses to “Who would give up this sweet face?”

  1. Marnie

    Joe is such a beautiful boy Darlene! I am so glad that he has found his way into your life & heart <3

  2. Ann Marie

    I am so glad that you made Joe part of your family. And I am glad that he got into rescue where you could find him, instead of languishing in a backyard somewhere.

  3. Elaine Panagopoulos

    Congratulations on adopting Joe, and giving him that new forever home! Times have to have been tough on those former owners to have to give him up. Welcome to your new home Joe!

  4. sue nick

    It seems to me that you and he have come out winners because of someone else’s neglect…so glad this handsome lad has found a good sheltie home! good luck…

  5. Gina

    Hugs, kisses, extra belly rubs and tons-o-cookies to sweet Joe.
    From~Auntie Girlie Girl


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