Nina opened up her home & rescued Bizkit.  Here he is at their Annual Rescue Sheltie Picnic, getting his rescue rosette! Nina could not imagine life without this little furry soul; my bet is that Bizkit couldn’t either.
Bizkit Such a heartwarming photo, Nina!

7 Responses to “A Sheltie’s love & gratitude”

  1. Jeanne

    Hi Nina and Bizkit
    I actually got to meet Nina and Mr.Barky in Maine. They sure will travel LONGG distances for sheltie rescue work

  2. sylvia

    What a wonderful picture of you and Bizkit.
    He surely is thanking you for giving hime such a wonderful life.

  3. Nina

    Thanks Everybody and especially to NJ Sheltie Rescue and Aneita for all the hard work she puts in, with her volunteers, foster homes etc … to enable sweet shelties like Bizkit to have another go at a happy life!

  4. Guy Valentine

    Thanlks for a wonderful shot, both of you. And, this is a classic pose for a Sheltie: love and admiration for it’s master.
    Also, thanks a lot for adopting this baby, Bizkit.

  5. Laura Calci

    What a beautiful picture Nina. And Bizkit is so very handsome. How lucky you both are to have one another!!!!

  6. Elaine

    Congratulations Nina and Bizkit !! That’s an awesome thing to have a special day to say thank you for adopting these fine furkids. : )


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