Many of you may already know that Toby & Trevor are related.  (For those of you who don't, Trevor's mom & a cousin or two are in Toby's pedigree.)  But did you know that their birthdays are a day apart?!  OK, not the same year (Trevor just turned 11 and Toby 5) but we think it is pretty neat & makes celebrating their birthdays easier.

But here is a new tidbit for you….Did you also know that Toby's dad is the famous Zion's Man About Town?  That explains why Toby is soooo handsome & everyone he meets wants to puppy-nap him from us.  :)

So in honor of Toby's birthday we present him all fluffed up from his birthday bath.  Trevor says "hi" from the background!  ^..^  Woof!

Now that we are done shamelessly bragging about our own Shelties we will be back to your regular Sheltie programming tomorrow.  ;)

10 Responses to “Another Sheltie Nation headquarters birthday!”

  1. Cadie Pruss

    Toby- You are looking GREAT! Although I didn’t comment on your day, I didn’t forget you. Happy Birthday from your family at Acadia
    Cadie & the crew

  2. Ann

    Happy birthday to Toby! What a handsome boy he is with an equally handsome dad! Special thanks to Toby’s mom, Kelly, for all she does to make our Sheltie lives brighter!

  3. Nina

    Happy Birtday Toby – you look very handsome and it is only right that your mummy should display you so proudly. Thank her for all the wonderful work she does, and the smiles she puts on all of our faces every day!

  4. Susan

    Happy Birthday Toby….you and your brothers make your family very happy. Hope you have a very special day!!

  5. Joe Loonan

    Happy Birthday Toby, or should I say Uncle Toby. One of your brothers, Zion’s Frankly Speaking (“Franky”) was my Dad. In fact my 11th birthday is this Monday. My little brother Jamie, named after your father, is going I to be 7 next month. One day we should all have a big family reunion and all of your Dad’s kids and grandkids and great grand kids should have a giant photo taken for Sheltie Nation. Have a birthday cookie for us.
    Macallan (and Jamie)

  6. d

    Happy Birthday Toby. Hope you got lots of cookies today. Shelties are truly the best dogs in the world. Tell Trevor and Tyler hi. Keep herding everyone’s hearts.

  7. Wendy

    You are truly blessed with your shelties…Happy Birthday to another handsome boy Toby! God bless them all:)


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