6a00d8341c859453ef0120a56a431d970c-320wi One of the advantages of having a “geeky” husband is occasionally you will realize that the technology is sometimes useful or fun for you too!

When we got Tyler, my husband put up a webcam for us to keep an eye on him while we were at work. I normally would leave this camera on my computer desktop most of the day.  Mostly it was pretty dull, but cute…with Tyler sleeping, teething & playing.

I noticed one afternoon that Tyler seemed to be staring at something for quite a while.  Then the bars on his pen began to move.  I panned the camera over a bit and saw a cute little white paw trying to open the pen door.  It was Toby!  I quickly got a screen shot before he gave up.  (After that we made EXTRA sure the pen was secure!)

I guess he wanted his new little brother to come out and play.  Shelties are too funny.

9 Responses to “Attempted jail break at Sheltie Nation headquarters!”

  1. Tarah

    Wow, next time i get a sheltie, I’m going to have to put in a webcam too! How nice to look at them all day at work!!!!

  2. Guy Valentine

    I don’t think I could ever do that!!!!!. Where’s that privacy thing??? After all, this will never hold up in court….huh?? The little fella is just sitting there minding his own business and….wham…he’s being cut loose!!!!AND……TAPED!!!! Why not go one further, hide it in his squeeky???

  3. kelela

    Ohmigosh! That is hilarious!!! I too have used webcams to see what is going on, but for sure, never seen my oldest try to break out the pup. Classic! I love Shelties!


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