Carrie This is Carrie, a rescue dog that I fostered for the last couple months.  She’s 9 years old and was in some type of puppymill-like place.  Fortunately, she found her way to Fresh Start Sheltie Rescue here in Memphis, which I help out by fostering dogs on occasion. 

Carrie was quite shy at first, but she always enjoyed a good ear scratch and belly rub once she allowed you to approach her (or her to approach you).  The attached photo is the blue-eyed stare that began to happen regularly when I would stop the ear scratching. 

I no longer have her in my “pack” (I got quite attached to her and was afraid I would adopt another one), so another volunteer is fostering her now.

Hugs to you Mark for fostering!  I can see why you were getting sucked in!  OK Sheltie Nation members…who wants a blue-eyed guilt tripper!  LOL

UPDATE: Carrie has been adopted.  :)

2 Responses to “Carrie: Tennessee Sheltie Rescue”

  1. Dee Prisock

    Oh wow – this is my story! Well, all except the part of getting someone else to foster when you felt yourself getting too close.
    I honestly thought that there was no way ours would ever come around and we were okay with that because our others were so giving of love BUT it looks like every day is one step closer! It’s amazing what love can do! :-)

  2. Guy Valentine

    I would love to have her. However, two of those “shy” gals would be too much for my group. It’s all I can do to get Meddi to “relax”.


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