Leo (on left) is a recent rescue from Northwest Alabama Herding Dog Rescue. We would like to think they’re smiling because Leo has a home and Grayson has a buddy. So with the addition of Leo we’ve joined the 2 or more Sheltie club!SheltiesmilesThey are always cuter in pairs, Jeremy and Meagan!  ;)

4 Responses to “I’ve got a new friend!”

  1. Jackie Stone

    When our rescue guy Rylie came home I trained him to come for “love”. At the same time we asked his brother Wallace to come for “more.” Both words mean a good scratch behind the ears for each guy. But the result is that they come together and ask for “more love.” May your Leo and Grayson give the same to you. Congratulations.

  2. Darlene

    They are gorgeous. Leo looks so much like my Joe…see August 25th…rescuing a Sheltie is the best thing ever.


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