Our Sheltie Breed Club and some of the people from the Sheltie rescue participate in the annual Bonnie Brae Scottish Games.  Below is a photo of some of the dogs with some young highland dancers and one of the clans:
Scottish2Hey wait a minute Lisa!  I see two Poms in there!  LOL

6 Responses to “Shelties get back to their roots”

  1. Guy Valentine

    I appreciate your comments. My interest lay with that mahogany sable because it is the color of my angel, Sage. Over the years I heard conflicting comments about his color. I always understood the mahogany part but was always confused on the sable. And, sorry Lisa, I didn’t mean to hurt any feelings. Frankly, I am prejudice toward larger shelties.

  2. Bailey

    Oh, I think the sheltie at the bottom left is a darker mahogany sable. Perhaps has one black gene and one sable gene.

  3. Guy Valentine

    Hey, Someone tell me the color of the big sheltie to the far left, in the bottom photo, please.


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